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How to Set Up an Email Signature for cPanel Email
How to Set Up an Email Signature for cPanel Email

Creating an email signature on cPanel

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You can create an email signature for your cPanel email account via the Roundcube mail client.

Navigate to the Email Accounts section in your cPanel account, and click on Manage next to the email account:

The cPanel email address list and how to access email Management

Select Check Email, and from there, you will be able to access Roundcube:

The Check Email option showing how to open the Roundcube webmail interface

On the Roundcube webmail interface, navigate to the Settings Identities section and scroll down to find the email signature:

The RoundCube settings showing how to reach the email signature

Enter your desired signature in plain text. Alternatively, you can enable HTML signature by clicking on the image icon:

The signature option to enable rich-formatting

Now you can add formatted text and pictures to your signature:

The HTML signature options

When all is good to go, click on Save to apply the signature to all your new outgoing messages.

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