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How to Set Up a Forwarder for cPanel Email
How to Set Up a Forwarder for cPanel Email

Creating email forwarders on cPanel to redirect emails

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Email forwarders are a useful tool to automatically redirect messages from one email address to another.

How to Create Email Forwarders

Navigate to the Forwarders section under Email on your cPanel:

The Forwarders option on cPanel

And select Add Forwarder. There, enter the following:

  • Adress to Forward - the email username (without the domain name) that will be forwarded

  • Domain - select the domain from the dropdown list

  • Check the box Forward to Email Address and fill in the full destination email address

When all is good to go, and click on Add Forwarder to apply the changes.

How to Manage Email Forwarders

In the Forwarders section, navigate to Email Account Forwarders, where you will find the management options:

The Email Account Forwarders section on cPanel showing how to trace or delete a forwarder

To locate a possible routing error, select Trace. To remove the forwarder, click on Delete. After deletion, your emails will stop being forwarded. If needed, you can re-create a deleted forwarder at any time.

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