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How to Set Up Remote MySQL Access on cPanel
How to Set Up Remote MySQL Access on cPanel

Allowing a remote MySQL connection via cPanel

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Before you can connect to your databases remotely, the IP working via remote connection has to be allowed on your account's side. To allow a remote connection, access your account's cPanel, and navigate to the Remote MySQL menu in the Databases section.

In the newly opened window, you will see the Host (% wildcard is allowed) field, where you can fill in the IP address from which the remote connection will be initiated. If you want to connect from any IP, enter % symbol. You can also enter a description for the remote host in the Comment text box:

Once you are done, simply click on Add Host and a new host will appear on Manage Access Hosts section:


  • Remote connections also require you to use our MySQL server hostname, which will be the same as your hosting IP address

  • Once remote MySQL is set up, it will grant access to all of your databases (still requires username and password authentication for that specific database you are connecting to)

  • Most of the servers use load balance, so it may happen that the request will come from different IPs. Therefore, we suggest using the wildcard option (%) while adding a remote connection (still requires username and password authentication)

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