Troubleshooting 5xx Errors

How to fix server 5xx errors on your website

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There are a few different errors with the 5xx format that you can encounter when reaching a website. While the 5 in the status code indicates that the error is server-related in general, there are can be several reasons why this type of errors may happen, such as:

  • Issues withing the website's code, such as invalid syntax, incorrect parameters, using an incomplete function, etc.

  • Plugins or themes causing server overload or logical errors

  • The hosting resources limits are being reached

Among others. To fix a 5xx error, first, double-check that it is not a local cache issue.

If the error still appears after trying a different network and device, follow the guide below corresponding to the specific error number:

For details on any 5xx errors encountered on your website, you can check the Analytics section.

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