Access Logs is a convenient tool to see all the important information about your website visits: from which countries your websites get the most views, which devices your visitors use, and many more.

Access Logs can be found by opening HostingManage:

And selecting Access Logs:

Once there, you will be presented with these two sections:

  1. Short overview

  2. Comprehensive list of latest visits

Short overview

This section provides you with all the required information for tracking your access logs:

  • Total Bandwidth - shows the amount of data transmitted over an internet connection (based on Filter)

  • Total Number of Requests - shows the number of requests made by visitors (based on Filter)

  • Button to change your domain - here you can change your domain and see its statistics

  • Filter - an option to easily check statistics for the last hour, 6 hours, 24 hours, or even 7 days

  • Top list filter - a summary of top Countries, IP Addresses, Requests, and Domains visited

Comprehensive list of latest visits

Here you can find even more comprehensive stats about each visit to your website. This section includes:

  • IP Address - IP address of the visitor

  • Request - the type of request

  • Time - the exact time the request was made

  • Device - the type of device and browser used

  • Size(bytes) - the size of the request, shown in bytes

That’s it! Now you know how to check your website’s Access Logs 😊


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