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How to point a domain to Blogger (Blogspot)?
How to point a domain to Blogger (Blogspot)?
Pointing a domain to Blogger (Blogspot) through Hostinger
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Before pointing a domain to Blogger make sure you have an active Blogger account and your blog is already created. Once that’s done, the domain can be easily pointed by adding 2 CNAME (required) and 4 A records (optional).

Step 1 - Adding 2 CNAME records

To find the required CNAME records, make sure you got a blog created already and navigate to the Settings section:

Scroll down to Publishing tab and click on Custom domain:

Enter your domain name with www in front of it and click on Save:

You will see such message referring to the required CNAME records to be added:

The exact CNAME records are marked in blue:

Once you got the records copied, you can go ahead and add the required CNAME records here at your domain’s DNS Zone.

When done, simply click on Save again and your domain will be added to Blogger:

Step 2 (Optional) - Adding 4 A records or redirecting to www

An optional step would be to add 4 A records. This way both www and non-www version of your website would load the blog.

If you skip this step, visitors who leave off the “www” will see an error page or a different site (depending on your current A record).

To avoid that, create 4 A records at your domain’s DNS Zone. The records should have these IP addresses:





These records may also take up 24 hours to be fully propagated. As a result, both www.domain.tld and domain.tld will open your blog.

Alternatively, it is possible to redirect visitors from non-www to www version of your blog. It can be done after your domain settings are saved, simply navigate to Publishing tab again and click on Redirect domain:

That’s it! Now you know how to point your domain to Blogger 😊


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