You can manage A record from the DNS Zone Editor.

A (Host) section provides you with these buttons:

  1. Button to edit A record
  2. Button for deleting your A record completely
  3. Button for adding a new A record

How to add an A record?

If you are adding A records for your domain, insert @ as host.

If you are adding A records for your subdomain, insert the subdomain’s name as a host, for example for subdomain you should insert support as a host.

If you wish to add wildcard A record for all of your subdomain, insert * as host.

If you want to access your account via FTP using ftp.youdomain.tld as a host, you need also a record with ftp host and your account’s IP as a value.


  • In A record you can add IPv4. If you want to point domain to IPv6, you need to edit AAAA record.
  • Any DNS Record changes trigger propagation, which can last up to 24 hours to fully propagate.
  • Where can I find A record?
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