For security reasons, all domains are locked by default to prevent unwanted transfers. Therefore, before transferring your domain out from any registrar, you need to unlock it first.

The unlocking process can differ depending on the registrar. For domains registered at Hostinger, you can manage your domain locking status by opening the Domains section and selecting your domain:

On the next page, scroll to find the switch button on the Transfer lock section:

To unlock your domain for transfer, simply disable the toggle.

What to do if the transfer lock toggle is not there?

Some TLDs require that the button be hidden. If you are not sure if the button should be visible for you, contact our Customer Success team 😊

Why can't the domain be unlocked?

Domains that were registered or transferred recently, can only be unlocked after 60 days from the registration or transfer.

If you unlocked the domain and it locked again automatically, it simply means that the domain cannot be unlocked at this moment - you can do so once the 60-day period is completed.

If your domain was purchased or transferred more than 60 days ago and it still cannot be unlocked, contact our Customer Success team 😊


  • After changing the domain status, be it from locked to unlocked or the other way round, you need to wait 12 hours until you can change the status again

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