Setting your VPS operating system is possible during your freshly-bought VPS order activation.

If the VPS is already activated, you can change the OS template in a few clicks via hPanel. Just navigate to the VPS dashboard, choose the server to which you want to apply changes to:

Then open the Operating System page:

Scroll down to the Change Your Operating System section:

And simply choose what suits your needs the most:

  • OS with Control Panel - easier to use, especially for beginners

  • OS only - option suits advanced users and users who wish to install a custom panel manually

  • Game Server - if you want to use your server for gaming

After selecting a preferred template from a drop-down list, you’ll see short information about it. To apply changes, click on Change OS:


  • Keep in mind that changing the operating system will destroy all your current data, thus if you have any important files, make sure to download the backup beforehand 😊

Reinstall your Operating System

If you wish to simply reset your VPS, so you can start with the same OS and panel as now, but from scratch, Reinstall your Operating System option suits you more. To reinstall OS, simply scroll down a little more on the same page and click on Reinstall:

Exactly the same way as with changing OS, all the data will be destroyed during the reinstallation.


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