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How to Purchase a Control Panel License for VPS
How to Purchase a Control Panel License for VPS
Choosing a paid OS license with control panel for VPS at Hostinger
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This feature is currently available only at and Hostinger Europe brands - it will be available for all Hostinger brands soon!

At Hostinger, you'll find several free operating system templates for your VPS to choose from, with all the basic functionalities needed to manage your server.

If you're looking for even more options packed with powerful features or you are looking for an interface you're already familiar with, you can purchase the following licenses directly from hPanel:

  • LiteSpeed – the one-stop web acceleration solution that will provide you with a web server, load balancer, cache, and more

  • cPanel – the control panel and Web Hosting Management that allows you to quickly and easily manage servers and websites

  • Plesk – designed to simplify website management by automating various tasks on a single server

  • DirectAdmin – a graphical, web-based hosting control panel configurable to enable standalone, reseller, and shared web hosting from a single instance

  • Webuzo – a single-user control panel that helps deploy web apps and system apps on your VPS

To start the process, go to the VPS dashboard on your hPanel and choose the desired server:

The VPS section on hPanel showing how to select a VPS for management options

Next, open the Operating System page from the sidebar:

The VPS dashboard sidebar showing the Operating System option

Scroll to the Change Your Operating System section, select OS with Control Panel, and choose the desired OS template from the list. Paid licenses will show the option to purchase:

The Change Your Operating System section showing how to select the template for a paid license

After clicking on the Buy license button, select the type and number of licenses, if applicable, and click on Continue to proceed with the payment.

Once you have completed the license purchase, you can install the new OS template. Make sure to download backups beforehand, as this process will permanently delete your current VPS content.

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