Every mail service, including the one you are using and the one your recipient is using, checks the email content and dozens of other parameters to ensure that the email is not harmful and is supposed to be delivered.

Luckily, we know a couple of things that will drastically improve your domain’s reputation and will ensure that your emails are always delivered as soon as possible.

Step 1 - Adding email DNS records

Aside from MX records, which are an absolute must for emails to work, there are 2 additional types of records that are essential for email deliverability: SPF and DKIM records.

If you are using Hostinger Nameservers, to set up correct SPF and DKIM records just open Emails → domain name → Email delivery and choose Set all to default:

If your domain is pointing elsewhere by nameservers, but you are using Hostinger Emails, you will be able to find the correct records on the same page, at the Manage Email Delivery section, or in these articles:

The records need to be set up from the service, which you are pointing your domain with nameservers to.


Step 2 - Improving email subject

One of the most important things that affect your email deliverability is what you add to the subject line of your email. It is better to refrain from using these things as your email subject:

  • Misspelled words

  • The words "Test", "Check" or similar

  • Phrases like "Open this letter", "Read me", "URGENT" or similar

  • A random set of letters or numbers

Additional recommendations for the content of the subject line:

  • It is better not to write the topic in FULL CAPITAL LETTERS

  • The subject line of the letter should correspond to its text

  • Do not try to fit the entire text of the letter into the subject - it should be short (but not 1 word like "Hello"). Also, don't leave the subject blank

  • Don't use special characters (like% ^>)

  • Do not add "Re:" to reply to a message


  • Examples of bad subject lines: "READ", "siknvdjhvbls", "Re:"

  • Examples of good subject lines: "Information about your order for ceiling tiles", "Orchid exhibit this Friday"

These tips will help you to create a subject line that will be more positively accepted not only by mail services but also by your recipients 😊

Step 3 - Testing the Spamminess with Mail tester

Different mail services have different algorithms, but Mail tester sure covers the majority of the known possible issues. So after your DNS records finished propagating, and you have already improved your email subject, it’s time to check your emails with MailTester. All you will need to do is:

  1. Send a message (exactly the same that you would like to send to a client or another recipient) to the temporary address indicated on the screen

  2. Follow the recommendations

That’s it - if you do these easy steps, you’ll make your emails pitch-perfect and ensure their deliverability 💪

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