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IP reputation refers to the perceived trustworthiness of an IP address when sending emails or other online communications. It's based on factors like the volume of messages sent, the number of spam complaints received, and the quality of the recipient engagement.

While we monitor the IP addresses of all VPS with the largest reputation providers, there may be cases where your IP is reported in one of the thousands of lists that exist, resulting in your IP being prevented from sending emails.

Our VPS service is designed for regular business email operations - the sending limit is 5 messages per minute. This means that if you require to send more messages, for instance, if you have an email marketing strategy, you should use a dedicated email solution, such as Business Email.

If the IP of your VPS is blacklisted, first, ensure you implement the following email practices:

  1. Avoid sending large volumes of messages, especially to recipients who haven't explicitly opted in to receive them

  2. Keep your message subject and content targeted and informative

  3. Make it easy to opt out of your communications

  4. Remove inactive or non-existent recipients from your contacts

  5. Use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to verify your identity and improve the deliverability of your messages

Next, locate the service where your IP was blacklisted and submit a delisting request - the steps will vary according to the reputation provider.


  • Some lists will require a PTR record for your IP. To add it, you can check this guide: How to Use PTR at VPS

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