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How to Add a Website to CyberPanel
How to Add a Website to CyberPanel

Adding a website or a new domain as an add-on to your CyberPanel VPS

Updated over a week ago

The Add Website feature allows you to have several websites under the same control panel. Keep in mind, that domain has to be purchased first.

How to Add a Domain

There are two ways to add your domain to CyberPanel:

  • In the Available functions section of your CyberPanel click on Websites:

And then choose Create Website:

  • On the left side of the control panel, choose Websites → Create Website:

You will reach the Website Details page. There insert the following information:

  1. Choose the package (you can choose default if none are created)

  2. Choose the admin as the owner

  3. Enter the domain name of the website you want to add to CyberPanel

  4. Enter an email address

  5. Choose the PHP version of your website

  6. Choose the additional features


  • These parameters can be edited later

When everything is set, click on Create Website:

How to Find the Websites List

You can obtain the list of websites added to the CyberPanel on WebsitesList Website:

This page shows the website or accounts you have added to CyberPanel. You can also manage your websites here, including adding a new website.

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