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How to Use the FASTPANEL VPS Template
How to Use the FASTPANEL VPS Template

Getting started with the FASTPANEL VPS Template

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FASTPANEL® is a modern VPS control panel that simplifies web server management, offering an intuitive user interface for hosting websites, managing domains, and configuring server settings.

At Hostinger, we have an Ubuntu 22.04 64bit VPS template with FASTPANEL pre-installed, providing an efficient way to manage your server.

To start using it, install FASTPANEL and follow this guide 👇


Open your web browser and navigate to:


Replace vps_ip with your VPS IP address.

The FASTPANEL login page

To log in to FASTPANEL, use these credentials:

  • Username: fastuser

  • Password: enter the password you set up during the FASTPANEL installation

Configuring Your Server

Familiarize yourself with the server settings options in FASTPANEL. This includes managing PHP versions, setting up email servers, and configuring security settings.

The FASTPANEL PHP settings page

Use FASTPANEL to monitor your server's resource usage, such as CPU, memory, and disk space.

The FASTPANEL CPU load page

Managing Websites

To host a website, navigate to the Websites section and add a new website. Enter your domain and configure the necessary settings.

The FASTPANEL options to add a website

You can also secure your website by installing SSL certificates directly through FASTPANEL.

Email Management

You can create and manage email accounts for your domain directly from FASTPANEL, configure email forwarding and set up filters for efficient email management.

Managing Databases

Use FASTPANEL to create and manage databases for your websites. This is essential for running content management systems like WordPress.

The FASTPANEL database management page

Assign users to your databases, setting appropriate permissions for each user.

The Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with FASTPANEL VPS template from Hostinger is an excellent choice for managing your server and websites with ease. FASTPANEL's user-friendly interface and comprehensive set of features make it a powerful tool for web administrators.

For further guidance and advanced configurations, you can refer to the official FASTPANEL documentation 💡

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