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How to Create and Upload a Database on CyberPanel
How to Create and Upload a Database on CyberPanel

Creating and uploading databases at your CyberPanel VPS

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How to Create a Database

To create a database, in the Available functions section, choose Databases:

Then choose Create Database:

On the opened page, you will need to insert the following information:

  1. A website for which you want to create a database

  2. A database name

  3. A database username

  4. A strong password

After this data is filled, click on Create Database.

How to Upload or Import a Database

After you have your database created, all you need to do is access its phpMyAdmin. It can be done via a separate button in your CyberPanel:

There, just click on the database name in the left column, choose Import, and select your database file (in .sql or format).

Then scroll down the page and click on Go - your database will be successfully uploaded.

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