Is Cloudflare Supported at Hostinger?

Using Cloudflare at Hostinger

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Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service that enhances the performance, security, and reliability of websites. Its global network of servers helps to improve website loading times, protect websites from attacks, and provide other security features.

The following Cloudflare services are supported in all our hosting plans:

  • Cloudflare DNS: Manage your domain's DNS records

  • Cloudflare CDN: A content delivery network that can improve the performance of your website

  • Cloudflare Firewall: Protect your website from attacks

  • Universal SSL: Free SSL/TLS protection and other premium encryption options.

As for the following Cloudflare services:

  • Cloudflare Workers: Serverless functions that run on Cloudflare's edge network

  • Cloudflare Pages: A static site hosting service that uses Cloudflare Workers

  • Cloudflare Tunnel: A service that allows you to tunnel traffic from your local machine to Cloudflare's edge network

  • Cloudflare Access: Restrict access to your website based on user identity

They are only supported on our VPS Hosting plans since they require root access to your server.

Make sure to have only one CDN enabled at a time - If you're currently using another CDN, such as Hostinger CDN, disable it before activating Cloudflare 💡

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