At Hostinger, there are two alternative types of email services that can be provided with your Web, WordPress or Cloud hosting account: Hostinger Email or Titan Email. Your account will include only one of them.

Since they have different parameters and management interfaces, you may want to identify your type of email. This can be easily done by opening the Emails section on your hPanel:

The top bar of hPanel showing how to access the Email section

And checking the icon near your domain name. For Titan Email, it is the Titan logo:

The Email section on hPanel with Titan icon next to the domain name

For Hostinger Email, it is an envelope icon:

The Email section on hPanel with envelope icon next to the domain name


  • If you upgrade your Titan or Hostinger email, the type of service and icon will stay the same

  • In case you have purchased Google Workspace, you will see the Workspace logo instead

One more aspect to take into consideration is that you have different options for sending email messages, each using different technologies to deliver your message:

If you are sending emails with a Sendmail or phpmail() function without connecting to external email providers, you are using the default Web hosting emails. You can recognize them because the messages are sent from a server email address, eg.

If you are sending emails with webmail or email clients, as well as SMTP with your custom scripts, plugins, or contact forms, and connect to Hostinger’s email servers, you are using Hostinger emails. Similarly, if you are connecting to Titan’s email servers, you are using Titan emails.

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