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How to Import Contacts to Titan Email
How to Import Contacts to Titan Email

Importing contacts to Titan Email

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You can easily import contacts from other email services to Titan. All you need to do is have the list of your contacts in a CSV file.

To import contacts to your Titan email account, go to hPanelEmails, find the email service in question, and click on Manage:

The button Manage for managing Titan Email service in hPanel → Emails


Go to Email Accounts, click on the ellipsis ⋮ button, select Access Webmail, and log into your email account:

Within your email account, go to SettingsPreferencesImport Contacts, and select if you want to import contacts from a CSV file, or directly from Gmail:

The feature to Import Contacts in Titan Email's settings

Finally, complete the rest of the steps by following this guide: Import Contacts to Titan 💡

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