DirectAdmin is one of the OS templates available for our VPS plans. In this article, we will go through the process of migrating your website from cPanel to Hostinger VPS with DirectAdmin. This will provide you with full control and increased speed. Let’s start with generating a backup:

Generating a backup

In order to migrate your cPanel, you will need to obtain a full backup. That can be done as guided here: Backup for cPanel. Once that’s done download the backup file to your computer by selecting it from the Account Backups menu.

Restoring a backup

Once you have a backup, all there is left to do is upload it here to Hostinger, for that refer to this procedure:

  • Upload the backup via an FTP client such as FileZilla

  • Rename the newly uploaded backup to any username, for example like this:

  • Choose a backup local path:

  • Choose to Use the IP from the list:

  • Choose the backup and hit the restore:

Now that the backup is restored, all there is left to do is to point your domain to your Hostinger VPS and install free Let’s Encrypt SSL via DirectAdmin.

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