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How to Install a Custom Map on a Rust Server
How to Install a Custom Map on a Rust Server

Installing a custom map on your Rust server

Updated over a week ago

Rust has a wide variety of vanilla maps. However, those maps are not always what you want. For example, if you're hosting a combat training server, you may want a map with custom arenas, custom monuments, lobbies, etc.

Here, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to configure your custom map to run on your own Rust server.

Select a Map

Due to the resources needed to make a detailed map of Rust, most of the maps are paid. Don't worry, as you can still find some free ones on these websites:

Once you have chosen the map you want to play on, download it and extract it to your computer.

Map Installation

Before going any further, make sure you have Oxide installed on your Rust server. Once this is done, you will need to download the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll file from this GitHub page.

Once you have this file downloaded, you will need to upload it to 258550 → .RustDedicated_Data Managed:

Once you have done this, go to the Rust configuration page. There, you will find all the settings for your Rust server. There, find a level URL field. In this field, you have to insert a direct download link, which your server will use to download the map:

The best way to upload your map to the Internet is to use services such as Dropbox to upload your map file and generate a direct link.

That's it! You have successfully installed a custom map on your Rust server 😊

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