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How to Install Plugins For Counter-Strike 2
How to Install Plugins For Counter-Strike 2

Installing plugins in your Counter-Strike server via Game Panel

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Plugins are a great way to add more functionalities to your CS2 server, from adding new maps, items, and bots to adding completely new game modes. To install a plugin, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Preparations

First, install the MetaMod and SourceMod frameworks on your server. You can find a detailed guide here: How to Install Sourcemod and Metamod

Step 2 - Download Plugins

Find the plugins for SourceMod and MetaMod you would like to install on your server and download them first to your local device. You can search in forums such as the following:

SourceMod and MetaMod support multiple games, therefore while looking for plugins, make sure that they are developed for CS2 💡

Step 3 - Install the Plugins

  1. Login to your Game Panel and select your CS2 instance

  2. Open the File Manager and navigate to the plugins folder. The path will be similar to the following:

  3. Upload your plugins to this folder. Make sure that you are uploading files with .smx format as these are the plugin files themselves. If the file format is different, such as .zip, you will need to first extract the archive on your local device to get the correct file

  4. Restart your server

That's it! Now the plugin will be installed and you can play with the added functions 😊

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