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How to Connect to Your Hosting Using SFTP
How to Connect to Your Hosting Using SFTP

Connecting to your hosting plan using SFTP

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SFTP is available on all hosting plans which have SSH access included, that is, Premium and above. Just follow these steps:

Step 1 - Preparations

First, make sure that:

Step 2 - Connecting

You can easily connect to SFTP by following one of the options below:

Option 1 - Direct Access

Open FileZilla and fill in the Quickonnect section with the configuration you got from the SSH Access section:

  • Host: FTP IP from SSH Access section

  • User: FTP/SSH Username

  • Port: 65002

Click on Quickconnect - and you will be connected to FTP server 😊

If you encounter an Unknown host key message, check Always trust this host and click OK:

Option 2 - Site Manager

Unlike Direct access, with Site Manager, you are able to save your previous connection details, as well as change the encryption type.

Open Site Manager in FileZilla:

Click New Site:

Select SFTP connection:

Set the configuration you got from SSH Access section:

  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

  • Host: FTP IP from the FTP Accounts section (for example,

  • Port: 65002

  • Logon type: Normal

  • User: FTP/SSH Username

Click on Connect - and you will be connected to the server 😊


  • The SFTP/SSH password is the same as the FTP password of your main domain. If you are not sure about the exact value, you can set a new password for both FTP and SSH or create an SSH-only password

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