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How to Install Fabric Loader for Minecraft Server via Game Panel
How to Install Fabric Loader for Minecraft Server via Game Panel

Installing and running Fabric Mod loader

Updated over a week ago

Fabric Mod Loader is very similar to Forge, although it is focused on being lightweight and modular. Some key advantages for Fabric compared to Forge:

  • The fabric used much fewer server resources

  • Many of the Fabric mods are made with optimization in mind

  • Ability to run any snapshots you want. Even the latest ones

  • The fabric also makes fewer changes to the game and is, therefore, less prone to bugs

How to Install Fabric Loader

  • Run the installer on your personal computer, choose the server on the top menu, then choose Minecraft version, and click install:

  • After clicking install, it might say that it could not find 1.18.1 server jar, click Download server jar, after that select Done:

  • Now there should be 3 files, server.jar, fabric-server-launch.jar, and fabric installer. Also, there should be a libraries folder:

  • Delete fabric installer and create a zip archive with all 3 of those files (make sure it is indeed .zip file as this is crucial in order to upload the file to Game Panel:

  • Upload the .zip file to your Game Panel's File Manager and extract the files by clicking extract here:

  • Now right-click on fabric-server-launch.jar and choose set as startup jar:

  • Start the server

And there you go! Now your Minecraft server is running on the Fabric framework. If you want to install mods to your server, simply upload them to the mods folder 😊

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