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On occasion, when registering a .BR domain (including .com.br, .org.br, etc.) you may receive the following message: "You already have a domain registration on another provider. To register this domain on Hostinger, transfer your other BR domains to your account in our system".

This is because you have previously registered a .BR domain using the same CPF/CNPJ, either in Registro.BR (the .BR registration authority) or with another vendor.

To solve this, set the domain vendor on Registro.BR to Hostinger. Just log in to your Registro.BR account and change the vendor (Provedor) in their panel to Weblink (102) - this is our vendor code at Registro.BR


  • This change needs to be applied only to your previously registered domains. The new domain will not be listed yet on your Registro.br account, as it is pending activation

How to log in to Registro.BR?

Go to Registro.br login and enter your credentials. You can use your CPF/CNPJ as username or click on "I don't remember" to perform a search by e-mail address.

If you don’t know your password, you can request to reset it on the same page:

How to change the domain vendor?

Once you've successfully logged in, you can set Hostinger as your domain service provider at Registro.BR following this tutorial (in Portuguese): How to configure the service provider for .br domains?

If the domain has a different provider instead of None, you should first set it to Nenhum (0), wait a few hours and then change to Weblink (102).

Registro.BR requires all domains under the same CPF/CNPJ to be registered to the same vendor. In case you have other domains, you will need to provisionally set all of them to Weblink (102) to complete the registration process. Once done, you can change them back again. Changing the domain's vendor will keep the same nameservers, so you have nothing to worry 😊


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