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Transfer Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .br Domain to Hostinger
How to Transfer a .br Domain to Hostinger

Transferring .br domains to Hostinger

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If you want to transfer a .br domain (including,, etc.) to Hostinger, you will need to make changes to . Due to the regulation of .BR domains, only the domain owner can apply changes to the service provider through Registro.BR.

To transfer a .br domain to Hostinger, you just need to:

  • Insert our service provider HSTDOMAINS (127) into ownership in

  • Enter our service provider HSTDOMAINS (127) in the domain on It is important to change both ownership and domain. You can follow this video for more details: How to Change Provider (in Portuguese)

  • Register the transfer request by purchasing it here

  • Set up the transfer from the Home page of your hPanel

Fill in the domain owner's contact details. These details must be identical to those in the account In the next step you will be able to choose between using Hostinger's DNS or keeping the current DNS. Choose the desired option and click on Transfer domain to initiate:

Once done, the domain will be transferred and it will be shown as active in the Domains section of your hPanel😊

How to Fix Transfer Errors

If you get an error message during the transfer process, follow these steps:

  • If you are not already using our service provider ( HSTDOMAINS 127 ), the transfer will not be completed and you will see a warning. To fix it, follow the steps in the video above.

  • If you see the message “Update the provider for HSTDOMAINS(127) a” on your dashboard, simply check whether both the domain and ownership are configured correctly on

    • After changing the provider, simply click “ Try transfer again

    • If the provider is configured correctly, the domain will be active in the dashboard


  • Only the account holder can make changes

  • If you've recently switched service providers, you can make your next change when it's released again - which could take up to 72 hours

  • According to our Refund Policy, unsuccessful .br domain transfers are refundable within 7 days of payment

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