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Website Builder: How to Add PayPal Buttons
Website Builder: How to Add PayPal Buttons

Learn how to embed PayPal payment buttons to your website using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

PayPal's payment buttons make it easy for customers to pay for their orders with PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venmo, and major credit or debit cards. To add a PayPal button to your website, complete the steps below.

1. Create a PayPal button by following this guide: Make a PayPal Button. Once you’ve done that, copy the integration code of your PayPal button.

2. Within your website builder, add an embed code element anywhere on your page. Click on the element, select Enter code, and paste the previously copied code of your PayPal button:

Embedding a PayPal button in Hostinger Website Builder

3. Finally, update your website.

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