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Website Builder: How to Add a Facebook Share Button
Website Builder: How to Add a Facebook Share Button

Learn how to add Facebook share buttons to your website using Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

With the help of Facebook's Share Button Configurator, you can easily create and embed share buttons into your website.

1. Open Share Button Configurator and create the button:

  1. Enter the URL that you'd like to share on Facebook

  2. Select the button layout

  3. Choose the button size

  4. When you're done, click Get Code:

Creating a share button in Facebook's share button configurator

2. Open the IFrame tab and copy the code:

Copying the iframe code of a button

3. Paste the code anywhere on your website using the embed code element:

Embedding the share button into a website

4. If necessary, resize the embed code element, and update your website.

Similarly, you can add Tweet buttons: How to add the Tweet button to your website.

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