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Website Builder: How to Add Videos
Website Builder: How to Add Videos
Learn how to add videos to your website using Hostinger Website Builder
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There are several ways to add videos to your website:

Add YouTube or Vimeo Videos

Within the editor, expand the Add elements panel on the left. Select the video element, and drag and drop it anywhere on your website:

Adding a video element in Hostinger Website Builder

Click on the element to see more options (edit, duplicate, hide, delete, resize):

A video element in Hostinger Website Builder

Click Edit video to make more changes:

  • Video link: currently, the video element supports YouTube and Vimeo videos, so your video should be first uploaded to any of those platforms

  • Autoplay

  • Loop

  • Show video controls

If the option Show video controls is disabled, Vimeo videos won't play on mobile devices; to play Vimeo videos on mobile devices, enable the options Show video controls or Autoplay

Add YouTube Shorts

To add a YouTube Shorts video, you need to slightly modify the link of the video, which would normally look like this:

Replace the part /shorts/ with /watch/ or /watch?v= (it depends on the video itself) in the URL like so:

Troubleshoot Unavailable YouTube Videos

If your YouTube video is unavailable, you're most likely using a shortened YouTube URL, e.g.,

To fix it, change the beginning of the URL to this: For example:


Add Facebook Videos

You can easily embed any publicly shared Facebook video into your website.

1. Copy the URL of the selected Facebook video:

Copying the link of a public Facebook video

2. Open Facebook's Code Configurator and paste the link there. You can also specify the preferred width of the video in pixels. Once you do that, click Get Code:

Facebook's embedded video player configurator

3. Copy the IFrame code of the video:

Copying the iframe code of the Facebook video

4. Within your website editor, add an embed code element anywhere on your site and insert the code.

5. Update your website and check what it looks like online.

Add Videos From a Local Device

To add a video from your computer, you first need to upload the video to any cloud-based file storage, e.g., Google Drive. This way, a special iFrame code of your file is created. To display the video on your website, you would simply need to paste the iframe code in the embed code element.

1. Upload your video to Google Drive or any other cloud file storage.

2. Get an iframe code of that video. If you use Google Drive, follow these instructions.

3. In a new tab, open your website's editor. Add an embed code element anywhere on your site, and insert the video iFrame code.

4. Update your website and check what it looks like online.

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