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There are several ways to integrate WhatsApp into your website:

Add a Floating WhatsApp Chat Bubble

Within the builder, open the integrations settings and find the WhatsApp field. Insert your phone number and a default message there:

In the phone number field, insert numbers only, including your country code (e.g., 37061234567 where 370 is the country code); no extra symbols are needed.

Finally, save the changes and update your website.

Add the WhatsApp Icon

Create a WhatsApp link following these instructions:

Creating a WhatsApp link

Add a social icons element to your website. Click on the element and select Edit social icons. Click Add new link and insert your WhatsApp link there:

Adding a WhatsApp icon that's linked to a mobile phone number

Once you're done, update your website.

With the help of custom code, you can also integrate other third-party widgets into your website. For example, the widgets below are free or have free trials:

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