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Website Builder: How to Add Social Media Icons
Website Builder: How to Add Social Media Icons

Adding social media icons to your website makes it easy for visitors to find your brand or business

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Social media icons link to the social media profiles of individuals or organizations associated with the website. This allows visitors to connect, follow, and interact with these individuals or organizations on social media, fostering a sense of community and facilitating further engagement outside the website itself.

Learn how to use this feature in Hostinger Website Builder 💡

Use the Social Icons Element

Expand the Add elements section on the left and drag the Social icons element to the desired place on your web page:

Adding a social icons element to a webpage

Click on the element to see more options (edit, duplicate, change the visibility, delete, resize, etc.):

The element of social media icons

Click on Edit social icons to open more settings. Make sure to add links to your own social media profiles and channels. Otherwise, your audience may get lost. You can add new and remove unnecessary icons and change their style and layout:

Managing social media icons

Insert links to your social media profiles, and we'll generate the icons for you automatically! For instance, if you insert a link to your LinkedIn profile, the LinkedIn icon will be displayed automatically 💡

Add Icons to the Header

Click on the header section and select Edit header:

Accessing the website's header settings

Open the Style tab, select Social icons from the dropdown, and toggle the button to enable them:

The style settings of the header in Hostinger Website Builder

Now, add the links to your social media platforms. You may also change the icon size and color:

Adding social media icons to the website's header section


  • To add an email icon, insert your email address:

    Adding an envelope / email icon
  • If the link isn't recognized, the icon won't be automatically generated, and you'll see a standard link symbol 🔗

    • Contact us and share the link you were trying to add: we'll make sure to include the necessary icon into our database as soon as possible

    • There may exist various link formats for the same social media platform, so the more formats you encounter, the better

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