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Website Builder: How to Add Instagram Feed
Website Builder: How to Add Instagram Feed

Learn how to easily display your Instagram posts on your website

Updated over a week ago

With Hostinger Website Builder, you can easily display your Instagram feed on your website. Once you upload new content to your IG account, it will automatically reflect on your website ✨

Adding Instagram Feed

Within the builder, open the Add elements panel on the left. Select the Instagram feed element, and drag and drop it to where you want it on your web page:

Adding an Instagram feed element to a website

Click on the element to see more options – edit, duplicate, change the visibility, delete, resize, etc.:

Instagram feed element settings and editing options in Hostinger Website Builder

Click on Edit feed, then click Connect Instagram, and enter your IG account login details:

Connecting an Instagram account to the Instagram feed element

And that's it!


To open the settings, click on the Instagram feed element and click on Edit feed. There, you'll find the following settings:




Connect or disconnect your Instagram account

Items per row: change the number of posts per row

Enable animations

Items: change the number of posts displayed on your website

Gaps between photos: change the size of the gaps between photos


If you're struggling to connect your Instagram account to the Instagram feed element, make sure that the Off-Facebook Activity setting is enabled in your Facebook account:

Choosing the option "Connect future activity" in the Facebook account settings

While this feature allows you to control what website data is tracked by Facebook, it can also prevent other platforms you're integrated with from accessing the data needed to connect to your accounts.

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