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Website Builder: How to Accept Payments via Apple Pay
Website Builder: How to Accept Payments via Apple Pay
Accepting payments via Apple Pay with Hostinger Website Builder
Updated over a week ago

Apple Pay allows customers to make secure payments on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Stripe supports Apple Pay in all countries where Apple Pay is accepted. There are no additional fees to process Apple Pay payments and the pricing is the same as for other card transactions.


To use Apple Pay, your customers need to have Apple Pay set up and use the Safari browser. Learn more: Devices compatible with Apple Pay


To offer the Google Wallet payment method, you first need to enable Stripe payments in your store. Once you do that, follow the steps below:

1. Within the website builder, access the store management area. Go to Store settings → Payments → Manage Stripe and open your Stripe account.

2. In your Stripe account, go to the payment methods settings.

3. Scroll down to the Wallets section, and click Turn on next to Apple Pay:

The Turn on button next to Apple Pay in the Stripe payment methods settings

Apple Pay will automatically be suggested for your clients who use a compatible device and have the wallet set up.

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