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Website Builder: How to Add a Comments Section
Website Builder: How to Add a Comments Section

Learn how to include a comments section into your website

Updated over a week ago

A comment section is useful for collecting insights from your website visitors. Whether it's a blog article, product page, or other content, inviting users to leave comments can boost your engagement and provide valuable feedback.

In Hostinger Website Builder, a comment section can be added by creating a widget and embedding its code into your website. You can use various third-party platforms to create your widget, for example, or Elfsight's Facebook comments.

Using any of the platforms mentioned above will require you to create a free account and customize the widget to your liking. If you need more advanced features, consider their paid plans.

Once you create the preferred widget for comments, you'll be provided with a code snippet that you can add to any section of your website with the help of the embed code element. You can also resize the element if necessary:

A widget for comments section

That's it – now you know how to add a comments section to your website!

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