Resizing website elements and sections is easy:

Resizing elements

Click on any element, and you'll see resizing handles on its borders. Click and hold a handle, choose the direction, and drag it until the element reaches the perfect size:

NOTE: The social media icons element has dedicated size settings. Click on a social icons element and select Edit social icons. Then, open the Style tab and change the icon size. If necessary, also use the resizing handles to resize the whole element, so that icons would fit within:

Resizing sections

To resize a section, look for a blue handle on the bottom border of a section and drag it up or down:

NOTE: To resize a section of blog posts, click on it, open its layout settings and change the top/bottom padding:

Resizing the website's navigation menu

To resize the website's menu bar, click on the header section, and open the header settings.

In the Layout tab, change the top/bottom padding:

NOTE: If you can't see the header section, it's likely that all your website pages are hidden from the navigation menu

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