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  • When exporting website files from Hostinger Webiste Builder and importing them to WordPress, the website may not look exactly the same due to the different architecture of those content management systems

  • As only the content is transferred, you will need to finish creating your website manually

Step 1 – Export website files from Hostinger Website Builder

Within Hostinger Website Builder, access the website settings in the bottom left corner. Go to the section Export to WordPress, and click Export:

Once you download the .zip file, you may delete the website. If you have an email service set up for your domain, make sure to create a backup of your emails, as deleting the website will also delete emails.

Step 2 – Upload website files to the public_html folder of your WordPress website

Extract the data.json file from the downloaded .zip file, and upload it (the data.json file) into the root directory of public_html using your File Manager or FTP account:

In the root directory of public_html, create a new folder (e.g., website):

Upload the rest of the html files from the .zip (except for the data.json) to that folder (directory) using your File Manager or FTP account:

Step 3 – Finish importing files to your WordPress website

Make sure you have the following WordPress plugins installed and activated:

Configure the HTML Import 2 plugin settings as given below 👇

In the Files tab, specify the directory into which you uploaded the html files (e.g., website). For File extensions to include, insert html. Leave the field Directories to exclude empty:

In the Content tab, select Import entire file and select the options Import linked images and Import linked documents:

In the Title & Metadata tab, select Import files as pages. For the Template for imported pages, select FW FullWidth No Header Footer:

At the bottom, click Save settings, then click Import files. Select a directory of files, and click Submit:

Finally, go to Settings → Reading, select a static page as your homepage and save the changes:

If you need any help, feel free to contact us anytime!

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