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Website Builder: Outdated Titles, Descriptions, and Preview Images of Website Pages
Website Builder: Outdated Titles, Descriptions, and Preview Images of Website Pages

Learn what to do if you see incorrect meta titles and descriptions or preview images when sharing website links on social media

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When sharing your website links on social media, meta titles, and descriptions, as well as link preview images are visible to your audience. You can add and update these attributes in your website's SEO settings.

It's important to understand that this information doesn't update immediately after you add it to your website.

Once you share a website link on social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms save your website's preview data (title, description, image), so they won't need to fetch (retrieve and display) it again. So, if you frequently update the information in your website's settings and then post a link on social media, it will show the older (cached) version that the platform saved earlier.

Different platforms cache (save) meta titles, descriptions, and preview images for different periods. Of course, these platforms gradually update the information about your website, but naturally (without manual intervention) it may take a week or longer.

Is it possible to make the media platform update the information about your website faster?

Yes, though not for all social media platforms. All you need to do is clear the cache of the service where you're trying to share your website links by using these debugger tools:

For example, if you're sharing your website on Facebook:

  1. Insert the URL you want to share on Facebook

  2. Click Debug and check if the correct information is showing there

The Facebook debugger will clear the cached information about your website. After using this tool, try sharing your website link on Facebook again: it should retrieve and display the latest meta title, description, and preview image of your page!

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