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Website Builder: SEO Settings
Website Builder: SEO Settings

Learn everything you need to know about the main SEO features in Hostinger Website Builder

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In Hostinger Website Builder, some SEO aspects (e.g., website speed and sitemaps) are taken care of by default. However, there are several things you can do yourself to boost your search engine rankings.

Accessing the SEO Settings

There are two ways to access the SEO settings in Hostinger Website Builder: via the sidebar on the left, or via the page settings 👇

Via the Sidebar

Within the builder, click on the ellipsis ⋯ button on the left to access the website settings, and then select SEO:

The SEO settings in Hostinger Website Builder

Via the Page Settings

Within the builder, expand the Pages and navigation panel on the left, click on the page settings, and select SEO settings:

Here, you can do the following 👇

  • Specify your business or brand name (the Overview section)

  • Specify the default website's language (the Overview section)

  • Customize the SEO settings of your website pages:

    • Add meta titles and descriptions

    • Edit the URLs

    • Add keywords

    • Hide pages from search engines

There, you will also find our AI SEO Assistant, which can help you by generating new SEO titles, meta descriptions, and keywords for your pages.


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