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Website Builder: How is Blog Post Reading Time Calculated?
Website Builder: How is Blog Post Reading Time Calculated?

Learn how the blog post reading time is calculated in Hostinger Website Builder

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In this article, you'll learn about the following:

Calculating blog post reading time

Hostinger Website Builder follows the example of and calculates the read time as follows 👇

Read time is based on the average reading speed of an adult (roughly 265 WPM). Medium takes the total word count of a post and translates it into minutes, with an adjustment made for images. Images add 12 seconds for the first image, 11 seconds for the second image, and minus an additional second for each subsequent image, through the tenth image. Any images after the tenth image are counted at three seconds.

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Hiding blog post reading time

Blog post reading time can't be edited, but you may hide it completely.

Hide the read time for a particular blog post

Open the blog management panel on the left, and click on the blog post in question to open its editor:

Then, click on the Post header section, open its Style settings and hide the Reading time:

Hide the read time for all blog posts at once

Find the blog section and open its settings:

In the Style tab, hide the Reading time:

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