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What Are the Available Operating Systems for VPS?
What Are the Available Operating Systems for VPS?

Choosing between available Operating Systems for VPS at Hostinger

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At Hostinger, we have two types of VPS. You can check the information below corresponding to your hosting, either VPS Hosting or Minecraft Hosting.

VPS Hosting

Right after purchasing your VPS and during setup, you will be presented with several Linux-based operating system templates, some of them with pre-installed control panels. The installation will be done automatically in just a few clicks!

If you have already selected an OS template, you can also change it at any time by following this guide: How to Change the Operating System for Your VPS.

Changing your current template will permanently delete all the content of your VPS - make sure to download backups beforehand!

Available OS Templates

You can choose to install one of the following templates:

Operating System



  • AlmaLinux 8 64bit

  • AlmaLinux 8 64bit with cPanel*

  • AlmaLinux 8 64bit with DirectAdmin*

  • AlmaLinux 8 64bit with Plesk*

  • AlmaLinux 8 64bit with Virtualmin

  • AlmaLinux 8 64bit with Webuzo*


  • CentOS 7 64bit

  • CentOS 8 Stream 64bit


  • Debian 11 64bit

Rocky Linux

  • Rocky Linux 8 64bit

  • Rocky Linux 9 64bit


  • Ubuntu 20.04 64bit

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with ASP.NET

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with CloudPanel

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with CyberPanel

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Desktop

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Django/OpenLiteSpeed

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Docker

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with HestiaCP

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Joomla/OpenLiteSpeed

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Nextcloud

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Node.js/OpenLiteSpeed

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Plex Media Server

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Portainer

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Rails/OpenLiteSpeed

  • Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with WordPress/OpenLiteSpeed

  • Ubuntu 23.04 64bit

* These templates require a license that can be purchased separately

Minecraft Hosting

For Minecraft Hosting, we offer a single template to make the setup as easy and fast as possible for you: Debian 11 with Game Panel.


  • If you have a VPS plan with OpenVZ virtualization (not available for new purchases), you can check the operating system options when changing the OS template

  • For Minecraft plans with OpenVZ virtualization (not available for new purchases), the installed system is Debian 9 with Game Panel

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