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Is Mining Allowed at Hostinger?
Is Mining Allowed at Hostinger?

Using Hostinger servers to mine digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

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Cryptocurrency mining is the process of using computer power to solve complex mathematical problems, which validate and secure transactions on a blockchain. This, in turn, can generate rewards in the form of newly created cryptocurrency coins, or collection of service fees.

Due to security concerns and the intensive use of resources required by crypto miners, mining activity is not allowed at Hostinger.

However, you can host informative websites about cryptocurrency topics, as long as they do not directly involve trading or mining activities. Please consider the following guidelines:

  • All hosted materials must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including intellectual property rights

  • You are not allowed to host content of illegal nature or that promotes or encourages any illegal activity

  • You are not allowed to host code, files or programs that could limit, disrupt or damage the functionality of Hostinger's software or hardware

For details on the general rules of conduct, make sure to review our Terms of Service

If you already have a VPS at Hostinger and you suspect there is malware-related mining activity on your server, check this article: How to Secure Your VPS From Abusive Activity.

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