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How to Use WordPress Presets
How to Use WordPress Presets

Choosing a preset while adding a new WordPress website to your hosting plan

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In Hostinger's hPanel, you may create a preset of a WordPress website that could be re-used multiple times to create new websites for your clients. This way, you can set up a website with just a few clicks without the need to install and activate the same plugins and themes for each new website again and again.

The following will give you a step by step guide you how to create a new WordPress Preset.

Start by navigating to the Websites section of hPanel and clicking on Dashboard next to your domain:

You will be directed to the hosting dashboard. From the left-hand sidebar, click on WordPress to open the dropdown menu and then click on Presets. You will see below screen with Create your first preset button. Click on the button to proceed.

Now you will need to fill in the name of the Preset, select a theme and plugins you want to add to it.

Once you have filled all the details, click on Save Presets to save your selection. The saved Preset would appear as shown below.

If you already have created WordPress Presets, you can reuse them multiple times when adding new WordPress sites to your or your client's hosting plan. To do so, follow the steps below 👇

On hPanel, go to the Websites section and click on Add website dropdown. From the dropdown, select WordPress option.

If you have multiple hosting plans, select the preferred hosting plan, and click on Select plan to proceed further.

Then, create login details for your WordPress account, and proceed to the next step:

Now, in the step Re-use Your Previous WordPress Installations, select the preferred preset and click on Next:

Finally, follow the steps on the screen to finish setting up your website. You'll find the newly created site in the Websites section 😊

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