How to Add a Website

Learn how to add more websites to your hosting plan

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To add a website to your hosting plan, you need to own the domain that you wish to use. You can either purchase a domain name during the process described below or use a domain you've already registered elsewhere (not at Hostinger).

For the Hostinger Website Builder, you can start without a domain by selecting the Choose a domain later option when prompted. You will get a free temporary domain and be able to connect a custom domain at any later time 💡

1. In the Websites section, click on Create or migrate a website:

The Create or migrate a website option on Hostinger Members Area

2. If you have multiple hosting plans, you'll be asked to choose the one to which you wish to add your website.

3. Further, you'll be asked to specify the type of website you wish to create.

4. After that, in the step Create or Migrate a Website, select the option Create a new website:

Adding a new website to a hosting plan at Hostinger

5. Next, select the platform you want to use for developing your website, e.g., WordPress or Hostinger Website Builder. You can also skip this step if you prefer to start from scratch.

6. Finally, in the step Name Your Website, specify the domain name. Here, you may find these options:

  1. Choose/Buy a Domain – use this option if you want to:

    1. Use your domain that's registered at Hostinger

    2. Purchase a new domain

  2. Use an Existing Domain use this option if you want to use your domain that's registered elsewhere (not at Hostinger)

  3. Claim a Free Domain – you'll see this option if you're eligible to register a domain for free

  4. Choose a Domain Later – this option is available with Hostinger Website Builder

If you select the Use an Existing Domain option, you'll be asked to point your domain to Hostinger servers. Once that's done, click on Continue 💡

In the next few minutes, a free SSL certificate will be installed automatically, and you'll be able to manage the new website from your hPanel.

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