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Website Builder: Guidelines for AI Image Generation
Website Builder: Guidelines for AI Image Generation

Learn how to write a proper prompt for image generation in Hostinger Website Builder

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If you use Hostinger Website Builder and wish to exploit our AI Image Generator, please follow the guidelines below when crafting prompts. By doing so, you'll get the best results and help maintain a positive and respectful environment for everyone.

A prompt is like telling a computer or AI what you want so it can provide you with the desired output. It is a specific set of instructions or input you give to a system or tool, guiding it on what task to perform or what information to generate 💡


Adhere to the following guidelines when writing prompts for image generation


AI won't generate images if prompts contain any of the following

Be clear and specific about the subject of your image.

The subject is what you aim to see in the image. The more precise your subject description, the less room there is for AI interpretation.

Inappropriate content: refrain from using prompts that generate inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content.

Provide context and include relevant details, such as colors or lighting (e.g., natural, cinematic, dark).

Use words to express the vibe or context of your desired image (e.g., joyful, sci-fi) to guide the AI in understanding your vision.

Personal information: avoid prompts that request or imply the generation of personal information.

Experiment with prompts: try various prompts to discover different creative outputs by adding new keywords

Illegal activities: do not use prompts that involve or promote illegal activities.

Hate speech: any prompts containing hate speech or discriminatory language are strictly prohibited.

Violence or harm: do not request images depicting violence, harm, or dangerous activities.

Sensitive keywords: child, children, kid(s), young teenagers and similar

Following the suggestions above ensures a pleasant experience for everyone using our Hostinger Website Builder AI Image Generation feature ✨

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