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How to Secure Hostinger Email Account
How to Secure Hostinger Email Account

Safeguarding your Hostinger Email account

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If you suspect that your Hostinger Email account has been compromised, it's crucial to act quickly to secure it.

It's vital to safeguard not only the email account itself but also any linked devices and applications.

The steps below will help you protect your email account and prevent future security issues 👇

Step 1 — Change the Password

First, change the password of your Hostinger Email account.

Step 2 — Check for Unauthorized Access and Activity

Check access logs to see who has accessed your email account and when. Furthermore, check delivery logs to find out who has sent emails from your account and when.

Step 3 — Secure Linked Applications and Devices

Securing your devices, applications, and websites is key to protecting your email account. Often, email compromises stem from unprotected devices and applications:

  • Poorly secured devices may easily get infected with malware; this malware steals passwords and may access your email accounts without your knowledge

  • Outdated applications have security flaws; if not secured and regularly updated, the websites, e-commerce platforms, and CRM systems you manage become vulnerable

By taking basic security steps, you can prevent unauthorized use of your email account:

Secure Web Applications

Secure Other Applications and Devices

  • Keep your antivirus software updated and run regular scans

  • Regularly update the applications you use to the latest version

We sincerely recommend you stick to the above guidelines. Even though quite simple, they will greatly help protect your email account and avoid security problems in the future!

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