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How to Use the CloudPanel VPS Template
How to Use the CloudPanel VPS Template

Getting started with the CloudPanel VPS Template

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CloudPanel is an intuitive web hosting control panel designed for easy management of websites and web applications. When you choose the Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with CloudPanel VPS template on Hostinger, CloudPanel comes pre-installed. This guide will help you get started with using CloudPanel on your Hostinger VPS.

Accessing CloudPanel

To access CloudPanel, open a web browser and navigate to https://your-vps-ip:8443. Replace your-vps-ip with the IP address of your VPS.

If you wish CloudPanel to run on your domain, point your domain to a VPS IP address and change the server hostname 💡

To log in to CloudPanel, use the credentials you provided during template installation:

CloudPanel login panel

Adding a Website to CloudPanel

Once logged in to CloudPanel, go to the Sites tab in the dashboard and then click on Add Site:

Adding a website in CloudPanel

Select the type of website you want to add:

Selecting the website type while adding a website in CloudPanel

If, for example, you have selected a WordPress site to add, in the next step, you’ll have to provide details such as:

  • Domain name that you have pointed to VPS IP address

  • Site title

  • Site user name and password (CloudPanel)

  • Admin user name and password (WordPress)

  • Admin email (WordPress)

Adding a new WordPress website to CloudPanel

And that’s it! Once installation is complete, you will be given a summary of your WordPress site and will be able to access its admin panel:

WordPress login panel

You have successfully accessed CloudPanel on your Hostinger VPS and added a new website.

For more detailed information and troubleshooting, refer to the CloudPanel documentation 💡

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