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How to Use the WordPress VPS Template
How to Use the WordPress VPS Template

Getting started with WordPress template on your VPS

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WordPress is the world's most popular content management system (CMS), offering the flexibility to create a wide range of websites, from blogs to complex portals and enterprise websites. Hostinger's Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with WordPress VPS template provides a pre-installed WordPress environment. This guide covers the essentials of getting started with this template.

Accessing Your WordPress Site

Open a web browser and navigate to:


Make sure to replace [your-vps-hostname] with the hostname of your VPS.

You'll be directed to the WordPress login page:

Use the following credentials to sign in:

  • Email address - admin@[your-VPS-hostname]. Replace [your-VPS-hostname] with the hostname of your VPS

  • Password - the password you entered when installing the template

To have WordPress run on your domain, point your domain to the VPS IP address and change the server hostname to your domain name 💡

Configuring WordPress

In the WordPress dashboard, go to Settings → General. Once there, you can set your site title, tagline, and other general settings.

You can go to Settings → Permalinks to choose your preferred URL structure for your posts and pages for better SEO performance.

Choosing a Theme

Navigate to Appearance → Themes to select a theme for your website. WordPress offers thousands of free and premium themes to suit any requirement.

After activating a theme, you can make changes to it by clicking on Customize in the Appearance menu. Here, you can modify site identity, colours, header images, and more.

Adding Content

Use the Pages → Add New and Posts → Add New options to start adding content to your site. The native Gutenberg editor makes it easy to design and format your content.

Upload images, videos, and other media to the Media Library to use in your posts and pages.


  • This template uses CloudPanel, which runs an NGINX webserver. For specific plugins, you might need to edit the vhost files. You can find out more by referring to the WordPress documentation

The Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with WordPress VPS template from Hostinger simplifies the process of launching a WordPress website, offering a solid foundation for any web project. As you become more comfortable with WordPress, you can explore advanced features and customizations to further enhance your site.

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