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How to Use the Template
How to Use the Template

Getting started with the VPS Template

Updated over a week ago is an open-source helpdesk solution offering a feature-rich platform, focused on ease of use and accessibility, especially designed for teams. At Hostinger, you can easily set up with just a few clicks using the Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with VPS template.

Accessing Your Installation

To access, open a web browser and navigate to:


Make sure to replace your-vps-ip with the actual IP address of your server.

Next, log in to the interface using the credentials provided in your hPanel:

The Users settings

For enhanced security, change your credentials after logging in for the first time 🔒


Once logged in, get familiar with's interface. Check out the dashboard, ticketing system, user management, and other features:

The dashboard

Configuring Your Helpdesk

  • Set Up users and teams - create user accounts for your team members. Assign roles and permissions as needed

    The Internal Users settings page

  • Set up email integration - add your email settings to receive and respond to tickets via email

    The Email Queues settings page

  • Third-party Integrations - leverage any available integrations with other tools and platforms used by your team to streamline your workflow

    The Webhook Settings page

With on your Hostinger VPS, setting up an efficient and user-friendly helpdesk system is straightforward. offers a robust set of features that can enhance your team's customer support capabilities.

For more detailed information and best practices, refer to the documentation 💡

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