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How to Use the MediaWiki VPS Template
How to Use the MediaWiki VPS Template

Getting Started with Hostinger VPS MediaWiki Template

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MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki software, originally designed for Wikipedia but now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and many other wikis.

Hostinger's Debian 11 64bit with MediaWiki VPS template provides a pre-installed MediaWiki environment, making it simple to start your own wiki site.

Accessing MediaWiki

Open a web browser and visit http://[your-VPS-hostname]. Make sure to replace [your-VPS-hostname] with the actual hostname of your VPS:

Accessing MediaWiki

If you want MediaWiki to run on your domain name, point it to the IP address of your VPS and change the server hostname 💡

Customizing Your Wiki

You can customize the appearance of your wiki by changing the skin. MediaWiki offers various built-in options, and more can be downloaded.

Additionally, you may enhance the functionality of your wiki by installing extensions. MediaWiki has a wide range of extensions for various purposes, from anti-spam measures to visual editors.

Creating Content

Learn the basics of MediaWiki markup to start creating pages. You can create a new page by searching for a non-existent page and clicking on the Create link:

Managing users in MediaWiki

Use the built-in editor to add and edit content. MediaWiki supports rich text editing as well as direct markup editing.

Managing Users

Configure user roles and permissions to control access to different functions within your wiki:

Managing users in MediaWiki

Encourage collaborators to create accounts or create accounts for them to start contributing to your wiki.

The Debian 11 64bit with MediaWiki VPS template from Hostinger offers a straightforward way to deploy a MediaWiki instance, giving you a powerful platform for collaborative content creation. Whether you're setting up an internal knowledge base, a community portal, or a personal project wiki, MediaWiki provides the flexibility and features needed to create a comprehensive online resource.

For detailed configuration options, management tasks, and troubleshooting, refer to the official MediaWiki documentation at 💡

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