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How to Fix the Status: Error on VPS
How to Fix the Status: Error on VPS
Updated over a week ago

Actions like restarting, reinstalling, or restoring a backup on your VPS can sometimes lead to an "Error" state on your VPS. This means the system encountered a critical issue and couldn't start the server.

If you encounter this status, here are some alternative actions you can take, depending on the desired outcome:

Restore a Backup

If you have a backup available, you can restore your VPS to a previous state. This will recover your data and configurations to a point before the error occurred.

Reinstall the VPS

Reinstalling your VPS can resolve the error by starting fresh with a current template. This action will erase all existing data on your VPS, so ensure you have backups of any important information.

Change the Operating System

If you prefer to change the operating system (OS). Changing the OS will erase all existing data on your VPS so you can reinstall the server with a brand new template. This is useful if you believe the error is related to the current OS configuration.

Activate the Emergency Mode

The emergency mode allows you to access your VPS even when it's in an error state. During emergency mode, your VPS is mounted to a temporary environment, enabling you to access and edit its files through SSH or the File Manager. This can be useful for troubleshooting and fixing the underlying issues causing the error.

By performing these actions, you can resolve most issues that cause your VPS to enter an error state. Regularly backing up your VPS can help prevent data loss and make recovery easier in case of unexpected errors.

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