Getting Started

Things you wish to know before starting your website

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Members Area

Hostinger control panel's features

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Website Builder

Everything you need to know about the website builder

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Useful information about purchasing, transferring and managing your domains at Hostinger

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Managing your domain's DNS Zone

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Files Management

Information about access to your website files, backups. Also, FTP, SFTP, and SSH access

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Recommendations on setting up your email accounts and their management

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Pro Panel

Information about Hostinger Pro Panel

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MySQL Databases

Information about managing your databases at Hostinger

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Website development from first steps to SEO

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SSL Certificates

Everything that you need to know about SSL certificate and how to protect your website with it

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Changes in PHP configuration of your hosting account

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Useful information about VPS at Hostinger

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Managing your services via cPanel

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Profile Management

All the information about managing your Hostinger account

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Information about invoices, billing, and managing your subscriptions

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Affiliates and Referrals

Information about the affiliate program and referrals at Hostinger

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Information about different features and technologies being supported at Hostinger

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About Hostinger

Information about Hostinger as a company

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